Here there be Heroes…….

Great stories need great heroes, and here you’ll find plenty to choose from. This is a collection of both brand new characters created by myself from the ground up or updates/different directions for official heroes.


The Witch represents the balance of life and death, of light and dark. Her gameplay revolves around her Anima Pool. Many of her cards are either Cursed or Blessed, which adds a corresponding token to her pool. Once her pool is full, these cards instead flip her tokens, pushing her more towards being Blessed or Cursed. Manipulating these tokens is key as her abilities become more powerful depending on which way her Anima is leaning.

If you’re looking for an all around Hero to play, the Witch is a good choice. A card like Heal can keep her and her team alive and kicking. While others, like the powerful Phantom Strike, can deal damage out to enemies (and if her Anima is right, take out a Captain in a single shot!). You can find everything you need to play the Witch, including her cards, light and dark Journeyman paths, tokens, Hero Spread, and items by clicking the link below.


This is a re-imagining of the current Alchemist Hero. While with some more hero specific items (see the Item Vault to add some to your collection) he becomes easier to play, the mechanics are still rough and it can be tough to make a potion. So I decided to make my own version.

The Alchemist still functions similar to his official version; he’ll combine ingredients to make a potion. However, as seen with Alchemical Fire, he can use any of his ingredients to make a potion. He can make a more powerful version of his potions via Potency by using key ingredients in his Recipes (Fireborne Sulphur in this case). In order to get the right combination of his ingredients, the Alchemist has Flasks in his deck. These cards can be readied and used to store ingredients for later.

This Alchemist pack includes everything you need to play, including Journeyman cards for both a light and dark path: The Bombardier focuses on making multiple potions, many of them with powerful AoE explosions while the Mad Scientist focuses on drinking potions to make herself into a terrifying berserker!


Similar to the Alchemist above, the Monk has a few issues. It can be very hard to have the right cards early on in your adventure to play and even with certain Ongoing cards you can have a full turn of doing nothing thanks to a bad draw. In Journeyman, the Monk has the opposite issue as one Stance card changes the entire way the deck works.

I like the idea of a ‘Stance Dance’ Monk, so I set out to keep that feel while trying to keep the bad random turns to a minimum. Enter the ‘Stance Deck’. Stances are now removed from the deck, and the Monk chooses which Stance is active at the start of the Hero Cycle. In addition to providing a bonus, the active stance remains off the player board, keeping your action spaces free.

The Monk hero still plays like the official class, you’ll still need to be in the right stance to play matching cards. Luckily there are cards that will allow you to switch Stances in the middle of the Hero Cycle. And thanks to many cards now having the Stacked keyword, with a little planning it’s quite possible to play your whole hand in a single cycle. Or maybe you’ll want to focus on gaining enough Chi to unleash a powerful attack. Fist items are now treated like normal loot, the Monk must find these fighting styles to be able to use them.

The Monk pack includes everything you need to try this variant version (Note: With the exception of ‘Fist’ items, the items included are the same as those in Item Vault 1). There are also two different Journey paths to choose from: The Sifu who is capable of switching Stances often and stacking multiple cards allowing her to play her entire hand often and the Drunken Master which has several Dash attacks to take down large groups of Minions and he is just as dangerous during the Darkness Cycle.